How I work

I am an Integrative counsellor, working with couples and individuals, which means that I draw on different models, theories and ways of working with you. I adapt and I'm flexible to the needs of my clients.

I can bring creative ways of working with you to help you discover more about yourself or to explore your concerns such as bringing creative writing into the therapy, or by using solution-focused approachesĀ to help you progress towards your goals.

I take care to be respectful of and to work with any diverse differences between us and can integrate difference, diversity and uniqueness from your perspective into the counselling.

My approach to counselling is through building a trusting relationship with you which I view as essential to working together, putting you at the centre of the therapy.

Together we will talk about your difficulties and I will offer you a confidential space to talk and be truly listened to. I work to create a safe space for you to explore your feelings and thoughts confidentially.